The benefits of fruit

The Fitness Black Book has an article that documents the compelling benefits of fruit.  He shows that while it is generally known that fruit is healthy, its salutary effects have been significantly underrated, particularly within the pop fitness/health culture.  He writes:

There was a study done in South Africa quite a few years ago where a group of people ate a diet of nothing but fruit for 6 months. This study was done by Prof. B. Meyer of the University of Pretoria. The experimental group ate nothing but fresh raw fruits and nuts for six months. They were compared to a control group, who ate a typical diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat.

The Results Were Very Surprising to Say The Least!

What they figured was that the group that ate nothing but fruit would be wasting away. What they found was that this group had virtually become disease-free. They didn’t have any nutritional deficiencies and each one of these people in this group was in superb health. Even more surprising was that when the experiment was over, almost every person in the fruit eating group decided to stay on this diet. They all claimed to feel more energetic and alive then they did in their youth.

This, of course, doesn’t prove that our diet should wholly consist of fruit, mainly that it should be the primary aspect of it. Its easy for me to believe this because, on an anecdotal level, fruit has always been what makes me feel vivacious.  What is significant about this study is that it flies in the face of the diet camp that insists fruit causes weight gain and should be relegated as perhaps the 4th or 5th source of calorie intake. As it happens, in short time the writers of this blog will present a recipe that makes fruit into a primary part of your breakfast. He goes on:

Are We Naturally Fruit Eaters?

A gentleman by the name of T.C. Fry asks us to imagine ourselves 60 million years ago, when we didn’t have tools…before we had fire and cooking as well. Would we take a rabbit and crush it in our hands and bite into the fur and enjoy getting blood smeared all over our face like a true carnivore? Would we get down on the ground and get under a cow and suck milk out of their teats? Would we be root grubbers and dig raw roots out of the ground, dust off the dirt and eat them? Would we be true herbivores and eat leaves and weeds? Probably not!

In the Perfect State of Nature, Humans are “Frugivores”

While I’m not completely convinced that fruit should be the only part of our diet, I am convinced that it probably is the perfect food for our body. T.C. Fry says that fruit is actually the only food in nature that appeals to our senses. It is bright in color, has a great texture, and appeals to our natural sweet tooth. The seeds didn’t taste this way and were meant to be discarded…which in turn would cause more fruit to grow. The “mother plant” actually wants us to carry the fruit away and discard the seeds…which causes another plant to grow. The same can’t be said of any other food or plant.

In other words, fruit is the perfect food for Man…. I have been an avid fruit eater for years and I NEVER suspected – or even thought of – that this would be the case.  The main objection, in my mind, was that there was not enough protein in fruit.  While this is true, there is more to it than the superficial nutrition numbers that underlies our perceptions of food.

Get this…fruit actually provides 5% protein by total calories consumed…this is the same as mother’s milk. Another interesting fact…the protein in fruits is predigested and comes in the form of free-form amino acids that don’t need to be broken down by the body. One more amazing fact…the protein in raw fresh fruits is uncooked, which makes it more bioavailable and usable by the body…so we need less of this type of protein each day to get the same effect as other proteins. In fact if you consumed all your calories in fruits, you would have twice the daily required needs of amino acids.

Don’t let this fool you into believing that fruit can supply you with all the protein you need, not if you are training to enhance your muscular physique.  But it provides a much more significant source of proteins that is commonly believed as the commonly cited low protein numbers are rendered irrelevant.

The fitness black book also notes that fruit also keeps you hydrated, as much of it is water.

The members of this blog are not exhorting you to take up an all-fruit diet – that would be insane.  We merely remind you that fruit can dramatically enhance your health and immunity, tighten your waist, keep you hydrated, and yes, build muscle.

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