The science of lifting

Proprietors here at this elite fitness blog maintain that human beings’ muscular systems are different, and thus respond differently to different environmental stimuli (read: working out).  The differences at times, however, are exaggerated.  And it is a poor rationalization used by unthinking fitness denizens in order to justify their own sub-optimal workouts.

But regardless of this, there really are differences among body types that translate into a diverse (even if the spread of diversity is overestimated) set of subjective optimal workouts.  Hence, any fitness product that advertises a one size fits all approach is inherently flawed.

The solution?  Take in all the fitness advice you can muster and examine it with a critical eye.  Use reason to evaluate it, but rely on your on anecdotal experience as well.  But most importantly, act as a scientist going into the lab and empirically testing his hypothesis.  Much like a pick-up artist going INTO THE FIELD to see what works and what doesn’t, the fitness aspirator must proceed through the swell gates of the gym to test and see.  This, in the end, is the hallmark of a truly curious and ambitious individual.  Reading blogs like this one is great, even neccessary, but there is no subsitution for your own real experimentation that is informed by reason and evidence.

Much as economics is a discipline that is based on the tendencies of human behavior and physics the study founded upon the uniform principles that underlies the behavior of objects, working out is a science that is informed by human physiology and anatomy which, I note,  can be readily observed to those that have a mind for the scientific method.

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