On motivation

The engine that gives you the thrust you need for a successful workout is motivation.  Without motivation, it is doubtful that one can sustain a rigorous workout schedule for long, and the overall success you have in building muscle and getting trim will often be determined by the intensity of that motivation.   This applies in the kitchen as well as in the gym.  When you experience discomfort, your body is constantly rationalizing its way out of it.  Your ability to persist on will be wholly dependent upon the strength of your  desire to endure present pain in order to obtain future gain.

Hence, if one genuinely seeks to attain results in improving one’s physique, one must have rooted in them an inveterate desire to improve.  Much research has been devoted to the study of the causes and origin of motivation within individuals, and while the results have preached many truths, one stands out in particular and it is something that anyone can do.  The answer to the question of how one intensifies inner motivation is that one needs to hang around motivated and ambitious individuals.  You need to feed on them.  For nothing is as inspirational as witnessing human excellence.  How swell it is to taste it, to feel it!

If you want to be successful, hang around those that are successful.  If you desire to get rich, orbit around those that are rich. If you wish to be ripped, gravitate to those that are ripped.  Always surround yourself with high caliber individuals or else you will proceed a swift descent into mediocrity. It has been said that you are only the average of the 5 people who hang out with the most.  Choose those 5 well.

But there is also converse to it all; don’t hang out with the people who only pull you down.  The leeches, those are the individuals you want to politely get out of your life.  There are exceptions, of course, but weigh your cost to benefits.

And in the event that you do find an unusually fine quality person, extract from him all the help he can give you, and cherish him because he is a rare specimen.

So whats the lesson?  Workout with high end people that lift you up.  Feed from their energy; it most certainly will be contagious.

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